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In NYC 7, NYC 7, a National Geographic title about New York’s ‘International Express’—the 7 train’s 22-stop ride, which doubles as a trip around the world, touching people from dozens of nationalities and showcasing even more lifestyles.

THE DIRECTIONS TO HAPPINESS: A 135-Country Quest for Life Lessons

“A fun ride.” —Travel+Leisure


In THE DIRECTIONS TO HAPPINESS, Bruce Thoreau Northam shares the infinite goodwill of strangers through engaging tales from his travels to 135 countries. He has spent decades navigating the globe in a continuing search for words to live by—and live for—in his quest for enlightenment.

Globetrotter Dogma: 100 Canons for Escaping the Rat Race and Exploring the World

In Globetrotter Dogma, travel writer Bruce Northam entertains, educates, and motivates readers to hit the road through an idiosyncratic mix of travel lore, humor, shock, story, and practical advice. Employing a rambling résumé that touches two-thirds of the planet, Northam shares wisdom from his far-flung adventures:drifting with Burma’s nomadic sea gypsies; walking coast-to-coast across northern England with Dad; shepherding in Morocco; pogo-sticking with Bulgarian gypsies, just to name a few. This timeless, illustrated compendium of roving bliss provides 100 reasons to keep exploring our wild and ever-changing world.


In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology

Exuberant and irrepressible, here’s a mad gambol over the wide world with a gang of vociferous globetrotters. From the steppes of Mongolia to the Tanzanian bush, it’s a tangle of crazy tales and hair-raising escapes and escapades that will take you from the outback to the way out. Full of surprises and surprising stories, this collection of travel tales doesn’t just push the envelope; it shreds it. Irreverent, lively and unexpected — it’s just the thing to remind readers that adventure is, more than anything, a state of mind.

The Frugal Globetrotter: Your Guide to World Adventure Bargains

In this comprehensive budget travel resource, the author reveals how to get a lot of travel excitement for a little price with low-cost travel options available from air couriers, around-the-world airline ticket brokers, domestic and international air charters, auto driveaways, offbeat adventure travel companies, and many other resources.